The brief

In October 2015, Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) was exhibiting at TFWA Cannes, Travel Retail’s highly sought-after annual event. With only three weeks to go before the show, FOCUS was called in to support the marketing team and devise a tailored plan to maximise the company’s presence at Cannes and position as category leader in Travel Retail.

The solution

A strategic, targeted media relations outreach with a focus on in-depth interviews. This would ensure Nestlé could take the mantle in major features and interviews over competitors, with feature content to hit just after TFWA.

Outreach ensured key messages were communicated to Travel Retail media attending the press conference.

What made our campaign special and effective in such a tight timeframe is the expertise FOCUS has built up over a decade in Travel Retail; contacts and understanding of the complex machinations of Travel Retail, which is one of the most profitable and fastest growing distribution channels, across many categories.

The results

9x pieces of top tier editorial achieved in Travel Retail-specific publications reaching 600,530 after the event including an in-depth 1-1 interview with The Moodie Report.

9x journalists from all key Travel Retail media attended the press conference.

The media campaign at TFWA Cannes built strong foundations for the 2016 PR & ad promotion.
Relationships with influential Travel Retail journalists were strengthened, securing prime positioning for NITR in key confectionery reports following the show.

"We have massively improved on the PR side [at Cannes]. The preparation, documentation, timely support on many different topics were really great. Besides the little touches makes a lot of difference. I am really looking forward to taking NITR to the next level with the FOCUS team."

Devrim Cöbek, General Manager, NITR