The brief

To launch and educate key trade contacts on Maxxium UK’s premium bourbon portfolio, immersing buyers, bartenders and other customers in the range by communicating the authenticity and craft of Kentucky straight bourbon.

The solution

Focus on the craftsmanship and authenticity at the heart of Kentucky straight bourbon, while crucially highlighting the uniqueness of the individual brands within the portfolio.
We transformed the Barge House on London’s Southbank into the Jim Beam Crafthouse – an immersive two-day pop up which brought to life each brand’s character in one sharable event.

Bespoke ‘sets’ transported guests through the Maker’s Mark 1950s Kentucky kitchen; Knob Creek’s prohibition storytelling room covered floor to ceiling in newspapers from the era; woodworking shop with barrel making; small batch Kentucky bourbon ageing warehouse and finished in a speakeasy where guests bottled their own bourbon cocktails while being entertained by a bluegrass brand.

‘Live expressions’ were crucial. The uniqueness of Maker's Mark (using red winter wheat) was conveyed by visitors’ bread-making with our artisan baker, and the barrel-making was to have an artisan convey how the wood and duration of Jim Beam's maturation in the wood justifies its premium.

The results

In total 251 trade (on and off-trade), media and consumers (who paid £10 a ticket) attended the Jim Beam Crafthouse. The event ignited the sign up of new and significant accounts for Maxxium UK’s premium bourbon portfolio including Harrods, Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar, along with several new on-trade and off-trade accounts across the country. Total social media reach of 1.5m.

"We do really appreciate everyone’s contribution and with careful planning, great collaborations and creative thinking I am incredibly proud of what everyone achieved and the feedback and comments from those who attended are overwhelmingly positive."

Janice McIntosh, Marketing Controller, Maxxium UK