The brief

Stimulate sales leads for HALOsonic technology* from automotive manufacturers directly to harman/kardon, creating a viable revenue stream for the company.

*HALOsonic technology encompasses both the cancellation and creation of sounds, through Electronic Sound Synthesis (ESS). Sounds may be produced on the outside of a car for hybrid and electric vehicles to enhance pedestrian safety. While sounds may also be produced inside the car for improved driver feedback and enhanced driving experience.

The solution

Utilise a HALOsonic branded car to collect influential business, technology and environmental journalists to conduct ‘on the move’ press briefings between their appointments.

The results

All key editorial generated in titles such as FT,com, The Guardian and the London Evening Standard resulted in direct business leads to harman/kardon and FOCUS was appointed to produce a ‘How To’ toolkit to replicate the successful launch of HALOsonic technology in other markets.