WELLBEING, ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy’, is a hot topic that has rapidly crept up the priority list in recent years. And why not? Today, more than ever, people not only care about their level of physical fitness, but also they want to improve their whole lifestyle, from a healthy mind to being aware of the products they put inside their bodies.

In line with this attitudinal shift, it’s no surprise that the demand for healthier food and drink options, inspiring fitness classes, and wellness retreats has increased dramatically, with 42 per cent of millennials admitting they are steering away from boozy nights out, instead veering towards the health and fitness space, according a report compiled by Brighter Futures.

‘Working out’ isn’t just about burning calories and getting those steps in anymore, it’s a social movement. People are swapping nights out for early morning fitness ‘raves’, with high-energy events and influencers leading the new-found love for releasing those endorphins. A big development in the past few years has been the growth of the ‘fitness festival’.

Complete with glitter, spandex and good music, festivals such as Wanderlust, Love Fit and Festival No. 6 have been hitting headlines all summer as the more holistic way to spend the weekend. One of our favourite sustainable brands, Obrigado, was at Wanderlust this month and is a firm believer in living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Straight from its sustainable farms in Bahia, Brazil, Obrigado not only cares about being good to the environment, it’s also making its mark on the wellness world this coming weekend.

To celebrate National Yoga Month BALANCE magazine and Obrigado are teaming up to bring an exclusive yoga flow and brunch workshop to the London skyline. Taking place on Saturday 29th September we’re gearing up consumers and influencers to offer an escape from the buzz of London and reconnect with their peaceful inner space. Followed by a delicious vegan brunch and Obrigado hydrating smoothies set alongside the Thames, the event will be the perfect Saturday morning reboot and leave everyone feeling fresh after a good glug of Obrigado 100% coconut water. What better way to start the weekend?

Grab tickets to the event here.

Written Zoe Kusnierz and Sharnece Bent