This post is prompted by an article by Rosalind Ryan in the Vitality member magazine about knowing the best times to eat, exercise or nap on a work day.

It got me thinking about what I have learnt over the years in terms of what to do when in the work day to make the most of my energy flow.

I have always been most alert first thing in the morning (especially now alcohol tastes dreadful, post-chemo).

I had a piece of advice years ago from a great man and marketer, sadly now deceased, called Kenny Harris.  He advised to start every day with peace, a blank sheet of paper and a pen.  Write down what your subconscious has chewed over during the night.

This was one of the single best pieces of advice I have ever had from anyone.  Many a communications strategy and knotty HR issue has been solved this way!

The Vitality flowchart starts with “wake up with the birds”.  I couldn’t agree more.  I get most done 6.30am-9.30am; three solid hours of thinking and writing, before meetings and phone calls break the concentration till the evening.

Interestingly the article quotes French researchers who found an exhausted brain was more likely to wander off and find innovative ideas towards the end of the work day.  So they recommend brainstorming at 5pm which is not something I would have ever thought productive.

They also suggest if you are not a fan of morning exercise, enjoy a workout after work.  Again, that is not for me. Never has been.

So I realise it is a case of each to their own.

I always try do the harder stuff first and always in the morning.This is not how my work days have ever taken shape!  My conclusion is you need to take the time to know and listen to your own body and brain rhythms and plan your day accordingly.

That way the crucial things are nailed before ‘life’ takes over.

As a starter for ten, here’s Vitality’s recommended 12 slot work day plan to boost your wellbeing:

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Written by Hilary Crossing