It’s safe to say the world of PR is changing every day, with influencers having a huge impact on how brands profile themselves, how they structure their events and even how they communicate.

In previous years, celebrities were the face of brands, product launches and campaigns. This is no longer the case. Businesses are now relying on influencers more than ever, according to news platform Medium, 30% of consumers relate to influencers and value their opinions more than that of a celebrity, and they are more likely to buy a product recommended by a non-celebrity.

For those brands that aren’t already using influencer marketing, they may be asking, what the difference is between celebrity endorsement and influencer marketing? Unlike celebrities who have attracted audiences through film. television, music, sport or magazines, influencers have built their audiences through non-traditional media channels, such as social media, blogs and vlogs. Many brands and consumers favour influencers due to their high-level social reach, quality-content and of course, more affordable fee levels.

Earlier this month, the FOCUS team headed to @influencerco’s Influencer Insight Breakfast where we were greeted by croissants and renowned Youtuber @Caspar Lee.

Caspar and the Influencer team shared their thoughts on the evolution of influencers and shared insights into the modern-day brand ambassador.

After a morning of learning, three key outtakes we took away from the event were:

  • Relevance to the brand – many brands tend to host events in sought-after locations but forget the story they are trying to tell – make sure the experience stays true to the brand
  • Audience – engaging an influencer with 1m followers can be powerful, but are they the right fit for your brand? Ensure the advocate you choose has the right demographic, as well as one who creates the fitting organic content
  • Make it Instagrammable – influencers are most likely to capture and share content if it is picture or story-worthy. According to Forbes, 75% of users say they take an action after being inspired by an Instagram post

It is important that brands are engaging with the right influencers to share their story effectively, as well as creating new and true experiences from start to finish.

This is a mantra our clients live by. A recent example is when we hosted a select number of influencers to discover the wonderful world of Bottega in the Veneto region of northern Italy. This gave influencers the opportunity to experience the brand ‘at home’ and create organic content.

The FOCUS team also facilitated London-based luxury biscuit brand Biscuiteers with its influencer event. Influencers were able to indulge in their own personal icing experience in the most Instagrammable café there is and capture the beautifully hand-iced gifts, biscuits and cakes surrounding them.

With 1/10 Gen Z relating to influencers, there’s no doubt this wave will continue to dominate the marketing landscape. So, what’s next? The FOCUS team predicts the future will see influencers take brands into another dimension through virtual reality. In the meantime, with Instagram constantly expanding its features, influencers will only grow in impact.

So, here’s to another year of influencers and Instagrammable experiences.

Written by Sharnece Bent