We’ve all been there. You’re sitting down to craft a witty post or work up a punchy pitch, when you find yourself staring at the screen like a PR stuck in the PC headlights. Whether you’re writing a press release, drafting an article or composing a tweet, at times it’s difficult to get in the zone when it comes to creative writing.

As a communicator, once you have the core concept and structure of what you want to say, then the rest is easy. But what can you do to spark that lightbulb moment?

  • Mind maps – if sentences are not stringing together the way you want them to, then mind maps using single words or phrases are an excellent tool to spark creativity. Once you’ve completed your mind map, then you can use the content as inspiration for pulling together the piece. 
  • Using objects or photographs as inspiration – objects and photos are a great way to encourage creative content so make sure to have something visual to hand when words are not your friend! 
  • Utilising existing material – now we are not suggesting ripping off someone else’s work, but looking through inspirational press materials or pitches and picking out the odd key sentence or headline can be helpful. Pick five or six phrases and put them on a page, that way you can use these as a basis for your piece.
  • A short writing exercise – if you’re struggling to get in the zone, a quick writing exercise might be the answer. Eavesdrop on the conversations in the office if you can, picking out memorable quotes. From this, pick your favourite quote and create the first few sentences or paragraph of a short story, taking this quote completely out of context. Despite the fact that it sounds ridiculous, it makes you think out of the box and helps you put your creative hat back on.

 We hope these techniques from the FOCUS team help you write something truly inspiring…let us know.

Written by Zoe Kusnierz