If like us at FOCUS you love a good ol’ pizza, you will be dashing to your nearest pizza shop/restaurant or tapping your phone to order pizza this Friday to mark National Pizza Day.

We’ve become a nation of food lovers and with national food days becoming so popular, what better excuse to indulge in the foods we love, without feeling guilty?

The FOCUS team will be munching its way through a range of pizzas from our local pizzeria to cater for the whole team’s taste buds. After all, we have to celebrate National Pizza Day!

National Pizza Day for a nation of pizza lovers

Foodism has also made it known that pizza gets eaten an estimated five million times a year. That is why they’re gearing us all up for the big day with their very own National Pizza Day pre-party. Yes, you heard it right! A pre-pizza party, being held at Street Feast’s Hawker House on Thursday 8 February.

Not only have national food days become a thing, but pizza has become a consumer trend. Domino’s recently announced rocketing sales pre-Christmas with the help of Just Eat sponsorship of Saturday night TV show X Factor, where families chose to ditch their night out for a night in together with pizza in front of the telly.

And we’re not just eating pizza. Now we’re wearing it, accessorising our looks with it and drinking it. Witness the @BungaBungaLDN pizza cocktail which was test-driven on last weekend’s @SundayBrunchC4.

National Pizza Day for a nation of pizza lovers

Happy National Pizza Day everyone – buon appetito!

National Pizza Day for a nation of pizza lovers