The festive season is a time for reflection, and spending time with our loved ones in the comfort of the warmth of our homes. With temperatures in freefall, we were thinking about those who aren’t as fortunate as we are; those without shelter or food to comfort and keep them going during the winter period.

So, in a bid to bring to life our ‘working for greater good’ company ethos, the FOCUS team spent  a Friday afternoon volunteering at Euston Food Bank.


To provide for those in desperate need, the Trussell Trust rustled up donations of 586,907 three-day food supplies during the first half of this year, with a pledge to increase emergency supplies for Christmas, the busiest time of year.

Our team began by sorting stock ready for distribution, before breaking into teams of two or three to collect food donations at the nearby supermarket.  We gained insights into the vital work the Trussell Trust does, including running a network of 400 food banks providing emergency food and support to approximately 13 million people living below the poverty line.

By organising stock already donated we could assess which items were missing and so most needed. With baked beans and soups aplenty, we learnt that essentials such as larger size nappies, baby food, instant coffee, hot chocolate, loo roll, cat food and dog food were particularly scarce.

With our festive smiles and charisma, we pulled on our Stop UK Hunger vests, took up our positions at the local Tesco Metro to raise awareness and separate 60kg of food and sundry donations from some very kind and generous shoppers.

Now we are partway through filling our reverse advent calendar for delivery to Euston Foodbank next week.

Hope some of you reading this will be moved to do likewise – if you haven’t done so already of course.