There’s nothing like art to breathe new life into a space, and this year the key trends focused on mixing curated designs, post-modern shapes and anything monstera related.

Art continues to transform, as it becomes more accessible to the masses. No longer a luxury limited to those with a disposable income, art is now available to those looking to unleash their creativity and design their perfectly styled home based on their own unique taste, without breaking the bank.


A company which is successfully revolutionising the European online art market is lifestyle brand, JUNIQE, whose curated and affordable art offerings are available in a range of forms, from cushions to shower curtains.

Incorporating art into your home can have a powerful effect on a space. JUNIQE can transform the plainest of rooms into a Scandinavian haven with just one nail, so it is little surprise that premium wall art is its most popular product. Wall art is becoming increasingly recognised as the perfect way for consumers to fully embrace the ever-changing seasonal trends in an affordable (wall art starts from £9.90) and stress-free way – with the bonus of being able to change up the style dependent on the season or their mood.


In a time that favours supporting independent brands over the mainstream, this growing trend is enabling consumers to support up-and-coming talent, as more brands choose to base their foundations on working with established and emerging individuals. JUNIQE works with 600+ artists from around the world who use the website as a platform to showcase their art. This not only provides customers with a story about their artist – from their background to what inspires them – but also enables customers to support artists through their purchases, opening the door to a whole new area of art which many of us are yet to explore!

By Nikita