Whether you’re an old fan, a new fan or a nostalgic mid-lifer, 80s & 90s revivals are becoming more and more common.  We’ve had Richard Ayoade on  Channel 4’s cult hit The Crystal Maze, along with a Live version in London & Manchester, revamps of Blind Date, Family Fortunes,  Cold Feet – and rumours of many more to come (back).

TV has never been averse to re-treading old ground, but when we heard of Gladiators now bringing a LIVE version to Merchant’s Square, London, it got us delving into why reviving old favourites are becoming as strong as they are.  Is it that we’re all getting old? Is it the longing for nostalgic happy childhood memories, or the fear for the future during uncertain times post – Brexit/Trump?

Social plays its part, Facebook likes to throw us a digital time hop to share nostalgia, along with a hashtag so you can justify digging out an ‘oldie but a goodie’  #throwback #FlashbackFridays

We’re dusting off old vinyls and loving them all over again, stonewash jeans and chockers (which were quite possibly the worst 90s accessory going), not forgetting the effective rebranding of Adidas Originals, amongst many other sports brands. Marketeers might say ‘feeling nostalgic’ weakens a person’s desire to hold on to their wallet. Perhaps we’re more likely to buy something when we are feeling nostalgic?

Are millennials more nostalgic than any other generation? We enjoyed binge-viewing to research this post, given the fact we have so many platforms  (internet/Netflix) to go back to past favourites.

Our survey says…