With never-ending changes in social media it can be tricky to remain social-savvy, so in a series of posts we are taking a look at the good, the bad and the outright pointless additions from 2017 so far, sharing our favourite successes and also some features we think are work in progress.

Snapchat has easily been the most active social channel in 2017 to-date

FOCUS on Snapchat

The biggest social game-changer of 2017 was when Snap went public with a value of $28bn. Snapchat has since overtaken Twitter in terms of daily users to become one of the most popular social networks in the world. Yet it has not attracted the publicity that the 140-character platform earns, perhaps because high-profile individuals (i.e celebs, politicians, sport stars) don’t use it often.

To tackle this, Snapchat has been introducing us to new ways of sharing. In just six months, they have overturned their USP of self-destructing images and introduced their new Infinity feature, where users can create ‘limitless’ snaps and looping videos for the first time.

Additionally, their 10 million UK users (over 160 million globally) can now also remove parts of an image using the ‘magic eraser’, which could previously only be done with dedicated photo editing apps such as Photoshop Fix. This feature is not available on any other social channel…yet.

These features are great, however, it’s the newest feature that’s become the biggest talking point of 2017 to-date – and not for the right reasons.

Snap Map shares a user’s exact location on a map and even the time of day they were there, allowing users to see all Snaps from a single location. Great for checking out Snaps from specific festivals, events and venues…less great for parents worried about the ‘stalky elements’ and  the safety of their children.

Around 30% of Snapchat’s users are under 18 so is it any wonder this new feature has led to an uproar? (PS. to learn how to switch off your settings click here)