We’ve spoken about the age of digital distraction: the age where we value easily digestible content and get heartburn if it’s anything more substantial. This age is evolving so rapidly, we’re scared to leave our phones, should we miss the next big thing.

We’ve looked at how the digital world is affecting us socially, churning out bite-sized nuggets of information to the masses, but it’s also massively affecting businesses. Whether this fact is a threat or an advantage, we need to question how to keep up and, importantly, how to grow with it?

Opening our minds to what we can expect, Digital Download offers industry expert advice direct to PR and comms professionals. They discuss the latest digital trends, being up to speed with SEO, measuring success effectively in a digitally led climate.

Looking at the future of digital business communications with Paul Sutton, host of Digital Download London

Diving into the conversation was mummy blogger and founder of ‘A Mummy Too’  Emily Leary, who started her website pre-blogger boom. With a background in digital marketing, Emily is exceedingly knowledgeable about the dos and don’ts of blogging. She has created a business and online brand from what began as a hobby. Emily represents a share of what has become a saturated market, a market which is now undermining the previous relationships she built with PRs and brands.

As PRs will be aware, influencers, whether bloggers or through social media, are becoming an integral cog in the way brands relate to their consumers. With the decline of print media and even meatier online content, an Instagram post could be more beneficial to sales than coverage in a top-tier publication. This leads us to question: how do we measure ROI going forward and how can we maximise results?

The answer is knowledge. With the media landscape changing beyond recognition, it’s essential that PRs step up and educate themselves on how they can evolve in sync with the digital space. Understanding SEO and integrating this into PR reporting, using data effectively, properly evaluating campaigns from a digital standpoint and understanding what the return of the campaign is from the outset (i.e more sales, brand value) are essential points we must factor in from the get-go.

Campaign planning and evaluation aside, we might want to also think about what other trends are pushing forward into the digital space. With internal comms moving towards workplace social networks (i.e Slack or Chatter) and a growth in artificial intelligence creeping into the everyday workflow, businesses are streamlining their teams to make way for the digital makeover, tailoring teams by skill set rather than experience.

Overall, with Gartner predicting that 20% of online content will be authorised by machines by 2018, we’d better move fast, I hear those ‘Bots’ can type pretty quickly…

By Zoe