As the curtains close on one of London’s most anticipated weeks of the year, there’s no doubt there was more to the event than designer trends and stylish coffee this season.

A golden runway – conjuring nostalgic memories of The Wizard of Oz’s Yellow Brick Road – lay stage to a soirée of bold inspiring designs emblazoned in political statements and messages of love.  Through his trademark sequin work and extravagant collection presented at this season’s London Fashion Week, renowned Indian-born designer Ashish Gupta sent a not-so subtle message regarding his strong aversion to the current divisive landscape.


This year marks the beginning of a year-long partnership between the visionary designer Ashish and our very own Lavazza – each exemplary profiles of tradition, diversity, love and community – a partnership the FOCUS team welcomes with open arms. As an agency with an already diverse community of individuals in-house, we’re proud to have helped support this collaboration and Ashish’s championing for the greater good.

Lavazza partners with renowned Indian-born designer Ashish Gupta at this season’s London Fashion Week

Increasingly at times like these, we look to those leaders who value creativity and the power of art, who, through their unique creative platforms, echo the voice of the community to fight for what’s right.

We bring focus to Meryl Streep and her defiant declaration against the new POTUS’ policies during her acceptance speech at January’s Golden Globe Awards, using her platform to raise awareness for equality, inclusion and celebrating diversity knowing she might be on the receiving end of one of Trump’s Twitter barrages.

From Al Gore, Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Moore and Beyoncé’s Superbowl performance to the young Apache activist Sacheen Littlefeather, infamously sent by Marlon Brando, this isn’t a new concept for artists and creatives. They’ve been dedicating their stages and acceptance speeches and using their communities and influence to fight for social justice for over 40 years.

Nor is this restricted to fashion, music and cinema. We’re seeing it across a variety of industries, including the collaboration with and support for Ecotricity by Vivenne Westwood, advocating a climate revolution and the importance of being sustainable individuals, working together as part of a greater community. With our very own renewable energy client (Haven Power) on board, which hopes to switch customers’ green thinking to second nature rather than an afterthought, this too is a topic near and dear to the FOCUS team’s heart.

So we ask you, what conversations and communities will you be a part of in 2017? What messages are you going to send?  And above all, what actions will you take, for the greater good?

Sam Beer