We have always endeavoured to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional ‘Christmas in July’ media event whilst actively triggering inspiration for up-coming Christmas features.

Over the years we have welcomed some of the most influential UK media and bloggers to our multi-brand ‘Christmas in July’ event, transforming some of London’s hippest spots into our very own exhibition for one day only, showcasing a wide range of quality products across our highly established brands, as well as injecting a fresh new perspective with innovative new start-ups.

Targeting a variety of verticals such as food & drink, interiors, tech, lifestyle, health & wellbeing and luxury our Christmas in July showcase is known to provide excellent brand exposure, with the ultimate aim of driving coverage and therefore product sales.

Are you being served? 2013 saw FOCUS transport media and bloggers alike back to the era of the 1950’s, transforming Kettners in to our very own central London pop-up department store. Brands such as Cocosa, Jim Beam, Parker pens, Stoli, and Enclothed menswear were displayed as media were encouraged to ‘shop around’ the broad range of clients on display.

In 2014 we revamped the Vinyl Factory in Soho in to our very own Urban Utopia, transporting press into a world of exploration and discovery. The idea for this theme came from the then current trend of the ‘urban jungle’ which allowed our clients to be displayed in an on-trend and edgy environment. Clients such as Brand Outlet, Courvoisier, Cocoa Brown, and Martin Millers Gin were all moulded around this versatile trend which proved their ability to adapt to any given environment.

2015 was the year of The Convenience Store, but not as we know it. We brought to life the enduring ‘convenience’ trend, a trend which trickles into every part of our ever-increasing ‘always on’ lifestyles. Our clients such as Lavazza, Côtes du Rhône wines, Harveys, and Maker’s Mark were shown to be easily accessible, escaping the norm and breaking away from any orthodox limits, emerging in compliance to the ‘convenience’ theme.

This year we went back to basics (simple but effective), welcoming new and old friends in the media sphere to a beautiful town house on Soho square to experience ‘FOCUS at Home’. With 10 lifestyle brands and spanning across everything from tech to interiors, we entertained 122 journalists and bloggers titles such as The Telegraph, Foodism, ITV, Ideal Homes and Financial Times. Playing on a growing trend which boldly states that staying in is the new going out – our aim was to display that it’s all about re-creating experiences at home. With our first piece out in the ‘I’ last weekend, we anticipate coverage to come through up until Christmas. Let the good times roll!